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Scare tactics cannot hold the peoples of Europe to ransom – Ní Riada

24 January, 2015 - by Liadh Ní Riada MEP

Sinn Féin MEP Liadh Ní Riada today condemned the scare tactics of political leaders across Europe ahead of tomorrow’s historic election in Greece.

 Ní Riada said:

 “It is alarming to hear the threatening tone of political leaders across Europe when they speak about the potential outcomes of tomorrow’s historic election in Greece.

 “Ultimately, it is for the Greek people to decide what type of Government they want, and interference in the form of veiled threats from European leaders is to be condemned. Scare tactics cannot hold the peoples of Europe to ransom. The austerity policies that have cause havoc for people across the continent, not least in Greece and in Ireland, must end.”

 “We see from the comments made by Enda Kenny yesterday and by politicians across Europe recently, that our leaders are intent on continuing the punishment, as they seek to drive pay and conditions down and increase profits for big business. The ideological alignments in Europe are becoming clearer than ever before. The establishment parties, both at home and across the European Union remain committed to austerity.”

 “The increase is support for Syriza illustrates a trend that is happening throughout Europe as people seek alternatives to constant austerity. A Syriza-led government in Greece could see a €228 billion write off on Greece’s €319 billion debt. A Greek write down will strengthen the case for a similar Irish debt deal, however the Fine Gael / Labour government have neither the political will nor the courage to seek such a deal. They are ideologically wedded to the austerity model that has caused so much suffering over the last six years.”

“A victory for Syriza in tomorrow’s elections has the potentially to radically alter European politics. The growth of the left across Europe reflects the changing tide and a resurgence of popular opposition to austerity. Sinn Féin will continue to work with Syriza and other left parties across the continent in order to fight against the system that impoverishes the many and enriches the few.” 

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