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Crowe welcomes tabling of his Neutrality Bill

26 January, 2015 - by Seán Crowe TD

Sinn Féin’s spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and Defence, Sean Crowe TD, has welcomed the news that his legislative Bill calling for the insertion of neutrality into the Constitution has been tabled for debate in the Dáil on Friday 20 February.

Deputy Sean Crowe said:

“This legislative Bill seeks to amend the Constitution to ensure that Ireland will not and could not aid foreign powers in any way in preparation for a war save with the assent of the Dáil.

“The Bill also affirms that Ireland is a Neutral State, and that the country would have a policy of non-membership of military alliances.

“I have sought to introduce this Bill to ensure that this or any other Government cannot and will not be able undermine Irish neutrality and I am looking  forward to a full debate on Friday 20th of February.

“The continued use of airports like Shannon for foreign militaries to facilitate their on-going wars, coupled with the increased militarisation of the European Union and this State’s deeper integration in the EU’s military system, ensures this bill is timely.

“Sinn Féin believes that if Ireland followed a policy of Positive Neutrality our State could make a highly significant contribution towards the long-held global objective of international peace with justice.

“Sinn Féin tabled a Neutrality Bill in 2003 and the Labour Party, then in Opposition, backed and voted in favour of it. I hope they will follow the same logic when this Bill comes before the Dáil in a couple of weeks’ time.”

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