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Catholic Housing Aid Society in budget overrun of nearly quarter of a million Euro - Cllr Janice Boylan

26 January, 2015

Dublin Central Sinn Féin councillor Janice Boylan has expressed deep concern about information received from Dublin City Council in relation to the rent charged in Father Scully House by the Catholic Housing Aid Society (CHAS).

Speaking today Cllr Boylan said:

“It is now apparent from the information received that the Catholic Housing Aid Society has over ran on its budget by €216,000. DCC set to bring its final accounts to the 
Department of the Environment today, which highlights this deficit. We are stalled on negotiations with CHAS on negotiating lower rent for the current and prospective tenants in Father Scully House until the DOE decides whether it wills swallow this debt.

The delay in getting these rents sorted has caused great distress to many constituents our area. My colleagues and I have been requesting information from DCC and CHAS on a regular and continuous basis to try and have some idea what is happening.

This must be sorted as soon as possible, I don't need to remind people how bad the 
housing crisis is at present. This is a brand new and fully furnished building and people are waiting to settle into their well-deserved new homes.

Minister Alan Kelly should demand that this building is signed off on. This is a 100% state funded venture and you think this government would have ensured that it went a lot more smoothly than this.

Numerous people have contacted our offices requesting information and showing letters from CHAS telling them that their rent will be €500 and over per month. This is causing absolute chaos and putting unnecessary stress tenants. In my opinion it has dragged on too long and 
there has been a lack of clear communication from all of the bodies concerned.”


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