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Lynn Boylan MEP brings 'Right to Water' delegation to EU Parliament

2 February, 2015 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Dublin Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan will this afternoon lead a delegation to the EU Parliament to participate in the ongoing citizen’s debate initiative on water as a human right.

Ms Boylan was appointed to head up a report for the European Parliament on the issue and in her capacity as lead MEP invited a number of interested stakeholders to engage with their European counterparts on issues such as the future provision of water services and how to tackle the threat of privatisation.

 Speaking this morning the Dublin MEP said:

“The European Citizens' Initiative on the Right to Water consisted of nearly two million signatures urging European lawmakers to introduce legislation to ensure clean and sufficient drinking water and sanitation for all citizens.

Access to water and sanitation is a human right recognised by the UN and Irish stakeholders should have a seat at the table where debates surrounding this issue are taking place. There is a level of concern across Europe about the commodification of water and this was flagged up in the citizens' initiative. Irish stakeholders will this week have the opportunity to engage in high-level discussions about water services.”

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