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Minister Alan Kelly must consult with residents of Croke Villas and O’Devaney Gardens- Cllr Janice Boylan

3 February, 2015 - by Janice Boylan

 Dublin Sinn Féin city councillor Janice Boylan tonight called on Minister Alan Kelly to consult with residents in the areas where he proposes housing initiatives that ultimately impact on them and their families.

 Speaking tonight on the issue at the Dublin City Council meeting

Cllr Boylan said:

 I wouldn’t have thought I would have had to remind a Minister that it is courteous to include local residents in your plans to develop an area. My motion tonight is not on the clár just to fill up a space. I am speaking on this issue because I have been contacted by many residents voicing their anger and concern that a Minister would make decisions about an area in Dublin without firstly consulting with them.

 I was surprised that Minister Kelly included two areas in Dublin Central for his homeless initiative. No one with accurate information about said areas would in my opinion suggest these measures.

 In particular Croke Villas has for some time now been the centre of a proposed regeneration and discussions have happened with the GAA and DCC. For the Minister to then go and suggest that this should be jeopardised by suggesting homeless families are relocated in these units was beyond comprehension for myself and many others.

 I would call on Minister Kelly to think really long and hard about this proposal. The regeneration of Croke Villas is what’s needed for that area. Similarly, in O’Devaney Gardens a failed regeneration has left 19 families living in conditions that a report commissioned in Europe last year described as a derelict site and not fit for purpose.

 For the Minister to again suggest that this area would be suitable to house homeless families and not look at the impact this would have on not only the homeless families but the residents and surrounding residents, is mind boggling to say the least.

 In my capacity as chairperson of the central area committee I would like it on record that I intend on bringing Croke Park and GAA to the central area committee to answer any questions we as the elected reps have to put to them. It is of extreme importance that the central area hears from both parties in these negotiations. So I will be following protocol and requesting the organisation’s attendance at the central area meeting.

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