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Government policy of starving local government leaves services in the dark. -Cllr Reilly

10 February, 2015

Sinn Féin Councillor Noeleen Reilly has criticised the government for starving local government of funding as it emerges there will be no lighting improvement programme in 2015 in Dublin City Council.

She said’

‘The people of this city and other local authority areas would have assumed that the payment of their property tax would have led to an increase in services across in the city in recent years.  In 2014 it went to subvent Irish water and now we have a situation where central government have decided to cut the cord of funding to local government by replacing it with the property tax. This has meant a range of services have either been curtailed but also expected improvement works have not materialised. 

One such area is the lighting programme.  There are some streets in Dublin that are very poorly lit as well as some parks.  I recently put in a request to have more lighting for Coultry Avenue in Ballymun only to be told there is no budget for improvement works in 2015.  The maintenance budget for lighting has already been cut by 15% since its height in 2008.  It is imperative that our streets are well lit for the safety of our citizens. 

She further added,

‘The continued starving of local government is having a serious impact on services across the city.  The removal of motor tax from the local government fund has attacked the very heart of local government funding. I am calling on the government to reinstate the local government fund so that local authorities can deliver a service that meets the need of all the citizens.

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