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Colreavy calls for action on climate change

11 February, 2015 - by Michael Colreavy TD

Deputy Michael Colreavy, Sinn Féin spokesperson on Communications, Energy and Natural Resources has called on the government take climate change seriously.

Speaking during the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Bill, Deputy Colreavy said:

“Every policy and every option decision made by Government in relation to energy must be proofed against our target to reduce carbon emissions while ensuring that people are fairly treated.

“Additionally, our carbon emission reduction targets should be explicitly stated in time stages to enable us to calculate whether we are moving in the right direction.

“Some legislation we can get wrong and the consequences are not too severe or can be undone.

“When examining this bill we should recognise its potential for achieving the ambitions for a future world with much reduced carbon emissions.

“The key question is whether future generations on this island and throughout the world will be able to say we have done all we can to ensure we pass on a safe, clean, fruitful island and planet.

“The alternative is too bleak to permit.

“We must change our energy system to ensure that it is made of renewable, sustainable energy that is of value to both the environment and to the consumer.

“The future of Ireland’s energy system must incorporate far more renewables if we aim to achieve energy security and reverse the onset of climate change.”

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