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Society increasingly polarised under Enda Kenny – Adams

26 February, 2015 - by Gerry Adams

Speaking this evening in Kilkenny where he launched the Carlow/Kilkenny by-election campaign of Sinn Féin candidate Kathleen Funchion, Party Leader Gerry Adams TD said:

“Sinn Féin is in this by-election to win. In Kathleen Funchion we have an excellent candidate who would be a strong advocate for fairness and equality in the Dáil.”

“In this by-election the voters in Carlow/Kilkenny can speak on behalf of citizens across the State. At this crucial time in our history you can make judgement on this bad Government.”

“Our society has become increasingly polarised under Enda Kenny’s Government. The Government clearly does not care about the crippling effect on families of the Property Tax, Water Tax and a range of other stealth charges.”

“A third of our children are now living in consistent poverty. We see anti-Water Charge protestors jailed but not one of the bankers who caused the financial crash, which destroyed the economy, has been sent to prison.”

“This Government is ideologically wedded to austerity and the price that citizens are paying is evident everywhere. It is to be seen, for example, in the record number of citizens languishing on trolleys in our hospital corridors.”

“We need to ask ourselves what kind of a society we will be left with after more years of Fine Gael/Labour austerity. Social cohesion is being destroyed. Our public services are being battered. Rural Ireland is under sustained attack. Over the last 8 years almost half a million, of mostly young Irish people, have been scattered throughout the world.”

“Sinn Féin have shown that it doesn’t need to be this way. There are fairer alternatives. We seek a mandate to take our society and economy in an entirely different direction based on fairness, equality and decency. Our budget proposals have demonstrated how we can achieve a fair and equitable recovery which protects the most vulnerable and defends low and middle-income earners.”

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