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O’Brien calls for Minister to publish costs of providing special needs resources

3 March, 2015 - by Jonathan O'Brien TD

Speaking in the Dáil today, Sinn Féin TD and Education Spokesperson Jonathan O’Brien asked the Minister for Education to look at ensuring that schools do not lose resources under any new allocation system for special educational resources.

 The Cork North Central TD said:

 “Sinn Féin is fully in favour of a new system that would introduce a fairer regime for the allocation of resources for special educational needs.”

 “The difficulty with the new system that has been proposed by the NCSE is that schools and parents are now worried that resources that were previously allocated and deployed appropriately and effectively will be removed making them victims of their own success.”

 “This is very understandable, and I am asking the Minister to engage in a scoping exercise to see if it is feasible to introduce a rule within the new system that would ensure that schools do not lose resources.”

 “While there is a cap on the allocation of resources, there are always going to be children who lose out.”

 “The Minister said in her reply to me that there has been some examination of costs, but she didn’t have figures to hand, so I am calling on her to publish these figures and tell us the exact cost of building a system of allocating resources to children based on need rather than fiddling about with an already insufficiently funded system.”

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