Young people sacrificed for austerity - Reilly

7 March, 2015

It is often stated that everyone has made sacrifices during this crisis. But what about those who have been sacrificed?

What about young people? We have seen emigration rates rise substantially.

There are still high levels of unemployment and underemployment. Precarious employment has become the norm.

There have been substantial cuts in social protection payments.

Ministers have thrown insults about ‘life-style choices’, and talked about emigration being a type of holiday.

But this could not be further from the truth - the majority of these people were forced from this country.

Some forced to find work itself, and others forced to find decent work.

And what about the most vulnerable in our society, those who had not the means to emigrate.

They are still here, still being punished and victimised by FG & Labour.

The youth crisis is far from being just about jobs, it is as much about the type of jobs available to young people

Young people deserve better than zero hour contracts and precarious employment.

They deserve better than being provided as free-labour through JobBridge and Gateway schemes.

What they deserve is paid work, decent work, a living wage, and respect.

Furthermore, there is a need for people with disabilities, young lone parents, and carers to be provided for by this government under the various implementation plans such as the Youth Guarantee.