Our job is to make sure FF and FG are in opposition in the next government - Carthy

7 March, 2015 - by Matt Carthy MEP

The fundamental difference between Sinn Féin and our political opponents is Vision.

We know that Ireland is a great country, but we know too that it could be much better.

 Not only can we imagine a better Ireland; we have a vision for that Ireland.

 It is a vision of a United Ireland, prosperous but fair. 

 It is the vision that was epitomised in the 1916 proclamation.

 Not only do we have the vision but we have the means of achieving that vision. The means of building a country we can be proud to pass on to our children.

 That’s what sets us apart from our detractors whether they are rival parties or the expert commentators. 

 Irish politics has been so long devoid of vision that they can’t understand us and they don’t understand why people are embracing our vision in ever increasing numbers.

 Rather than being an isolationist, reactionary message the Sinn Féin message is one of hope of a strong economy – north and south; of a fair recovery – east and west; it’s a message of a belief in ourselves as a people and our future together.

 Today, our vision is fused with an appetite for change within the Irish people that hasn’t been witnessed in almost 100 years.

 It is now clear to almost everybody that following the next Leinster House elections that Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael will be together. 

 The only question remaining is whether they’ll be together in government or in opposition.

Our job is to make sure that it’s in opposition.

 Let them look across at a Sinn Féin led government – A government that sets itself the task of making our vision a reality.  Of breaking down partition; of creating an Ireland, a united Ireland that we can deliver to our children with pride.

 That’s the Sinn Féin vision – let’s go from here tonight and let’s ‘We Ourselves – the people of Ireland’ make it happen.