Sinn Féin will deliver on the unfinished business of 1916 - McDonald

7 March, 2015 - by Mary Lou McDonald TD

In 1916 progressive elements of Irish society came together to develop, discuss and determine a new vision for the Irish nation and the Irish people.

 As we move towards the centenary year of the Easter Rising we must continue the work of the men and women who fought for the people of Ireland. Just as we must look back to learn, we must look forward to deliver; to deliver the vision of a Republic for All, A Republic for the people.

 Over decades, government after government has failed to deliver the very ideals of the 1916 Rising; Justice, Equality and Unity. They failed the patriots but most of all they failed the people.

 They squandered the opportunity for change, the opportunity to build and implement the Proclamation- the mission statement of the Irish Republic.

 Instead we have seen forced immigration, a brain drain, an unemployment crisis, a housing crisis, a health crisis, a poverty crisis- this was not the vision of the men and women of 1916, nor is it the vision of Sinn Féin today.

 As Irish Republicans, we stand with the people, for the people. Our vision is an Ireland of Equals, an Ireland of opportunities, and an Ireland of hope. We want our bright and brilliant to return home, we want to create employment, we want to create a vibrant economy, we want to lift families out of the poverty trap, we want our old to have healthcare with dignity and we want or children to have accessible childcare and education.

 Our vision is commitment to inclusiveness, fairness, social recovery and social dividend.

We will stand up against all forms of racism, sectarianism and discrimination, whether it is against those with disabilities or travellers, those of different religious beliefs or sexual preference. This is why we will be supporting the introduction of marriage equality North and South. We want a country that treats all its citizens equally.

 Our vision like our nation extends beyond this shore that is why we are seeking voting rights not just for citizens in the North but also for the Irish Diaspora.

 Sinn Féin will build a “Republic for All” based on national rights, human rights and citizen rights.

We have our policies and we have our principles. We have a lot of work to do.

 We will deliver on the unfinished business of 1916, we will deliver a United Ireland and we deliver a Republic for All.

 Beir Bua