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DUP's Simpson out of step with 1916 comments

20 March, 2015 - by Chris Hazzard

Sinn Féin MLA for South Down and candidate in the forthcoming Westminster election, Chris Hazzard has said DUP MP David Simpson is out of step with his party leader when he stated that the commemoration of the 1916 Easter Rising is irrelevant to the North of Ireland.

Mr Hazzard said:

“David Simpson is clearly struggling with the concept espoused by his own party leader of treating other cultures and traditions with respect and tolerance.

“It may come as a surprise to Mr Simpson that Sinn Féin received more votes in both the past European and Westminster Election than the DUP.

“Each of those votes comes from a republican who lives in the north and who holds dear the sacrifice made by those who fought in the Easter Rising of 1916.

“For David Simpson to state these events commemorating 1916 are irrelevant to the people of the north is just ignorant. 

 “Not only is it ignorant in the truest sense of the word but it is at odds with his party leader who stated at their annual conference that politics in the north “means trying to achieve reconciliation between our communities. It means creating a shared society where every culture of every tradition is treated with respect and tolerance.”

“But then again it wouldn’t be the first time that David Simpson was at odds with his party leader.”

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