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Civil case in Tyrone collusion cases welcomed

23 March, 2015 - by Bronwyn McGahan

Sinn Féin MLA Bronwyn McGahan has welcomed the move by several families in Tyrone to come together in a bid to expose the extent of collusion between the RUC and Unionist paramilitaries.

 Ms McGahan said,

 “The dossier compiled by lawyers of the families of over 30 people killed by Unionist paramilitaries has indicated not only substantial links between the killings but also a failure of the RUC to investigate these murders properly.

 “The extent of collusion between the British Government state agencies, the RUC and Unionist death squads is being exposed on a day-to-day basis now and it is time the families were told the truth.

 "Not a week goes by that inquests are denied or postponed because of the failure of either the British Government or the PSNI to hand over essential information into these killings.

 “I therefore welcome the decision by these families to look at a civil case and commend them for their steadfastness and dignity in pursuing the truth into the dirty war waged against their families.

 “The fact the families have had to go to the civil courts however, is an indictment of the continued cover-up of the British government’s Dirty War in Ireland.” ENDS/CRÍOCH

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