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Cllr Sarah Holland selected to contest seat in Dublin South West

24 March, 2015 - by Sarah Holland

Sinn Féin Councillor for Rathfarnham Sarah Holland has been selected to contest the Dublin South West seat in the forthcoming general election.

Holland, along with her colleague Deputy Seán Crowe, was selected at a Sinn Féin constituency convention in Tallaght on Monday the 23rd of March. 

Speaking after her selection Cllr Holland said:

“I am very proud and humbled to have been nominated to stand in the next general election to represent Sinn Féin and the citizens of Dublin South-West.

Growing up in Belfast during the war, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t political.  As kids, we were so aware of what was happening around us – armed soldiers patrolling the streets, roads closed at night so we couldn’t get in or out of our West Belfast homes.

The only ones who could provide a voice for us was Sinn Féin.

Unfortunately injustice still exists and is clearly visible here in Dublin. 

It can be seen in the working poor, in the squeezed middle and in the 137,000 children living in consistent poverty, a figure that has doubled since 2008 under this government’s austerity agenda.

We are not all born equal. The promise contained in the Proclamation to cherish all the children of our nation equally still has to be fought for.

We are only now voting to extend equal marriage rights to the LGBT community  and young people from some areas of Dublin 24 are less than 29% likely to go on to third level education, compared to 99% in Dublin 6

But there is another way forward, and that way is Sinn Féin.

Republicanism is not a new movement. Seán Crowe, my running mate, has been part of this struggle since the 70's and his dedication to working towards a fair society underpinned by Republican ideals inspires us to keep our eyes on the prize – a 32 county socialist Republic.

I will work hard to ensure the citizens of Dublin South West have their voices he

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