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“North or South, equality not austerity”- Cllr Denise Mitchell

2 April, 2015 - by Denise Mitchell

“Sinn Féin councillor and general election candidate Denise Mitchell has welcomed the launch of the Sinn Féin People’s Pact.

 Speaking today Cllr Mitchell said:

“Over the past few months opponents of Sinn Féin have tried to paint our party as hypocrites, implementing austerity in the North and fighting it in the South.

The reality of course, is completely different, North or South Sinn Féin fights for equality for all our citizens not just the bondholders and financial speculators.”

“It doesn’t surprise me that Fine Gael and Labour are trying to fool the people

“Sure isn’t that what you do at election time” as Pat Rabbitte would say.

Reality is something this government finds it hard to accept.

While Richard Bruton and his pals talk of the thousands of jobs they’ve created, they don’t talk about the thousands that have emigrated or the thousands struggling to put food table while the water charge bill comes through their door.”

“The people of Dublin Bay North and the country are off their knees, over 80,000 took to the streets on March 21st to fight the water charges.

I stand with those people, not the big bankers or wealthy financiers and that’s the choice in this election, equality for all, a fair recovery not a tiered recovery

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