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Unionist campaign in Fermanagh South Tyrone entirely negative – Kearney

8 April, 2015

Sinn Féin national chairperson and South Antrim election candidate Declan Kearney has said unionists are basing their electoral campaign entirely on negative politics. 

Mr Kearney said; 

"Comments attributed to Maurice Morrow at the UUP's Tom Elliot's election launch has exposed a campaign based entirely on negative politics. 

"Launching the unionist pact election campaign in Fermanagh South Tyrone with an objective 'to get rid of the girl from the Brantry', speaks for itself. 

"No political vision is being advanced by either Tom Elliott, or his cheer leader, Maurice Morrow. 

"The unionist pact against Michelle Gildernew, which is now supported by David Cameron's Tory Party, has clearly exposed itself as a negative, sectarian and now also chauvinist and pro-austerity campaign. 

"That is the agenda which the unionist and British Tory parties' electoral pact is offering citizens in Fermanagh South Tyrone. The wrong-headed approach of the SDLP in fielding its candidate in these circumstances makes it complicit in the promotion of this totally negative agenda. 

"Sinn Féin is the alternative to the unionist/British Tory alliance in Fermanagh South Tyrone. 

"Michelle Gildernew provides the only progressive choice for voters in this constituency, as a representative with a track record in standing up for all citizens, regardless of their religious or ethnic backgrounds, gender or sexual orientation, and opposing inequality."

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