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Thousands of young Irish citizens snapping up Canadian work Visas is sign of a broken recovery – Reilly

15 April, 2015

Sinn Fein Senator and Youth Affairs Spokesperson, Kathryn Reilly, has reacted to the news that 3,850 work visas to Canada were snapped up in 12 minutes on Tuesday night by young Irish citizens between 18 and 35 years by saying that it is a sign of a broken recovery that is still forcing our young people abroad. 3,850 more visas are available for Irish citizens on Thursday.

 Senator Reilly said:

 “That there is still such a longing for young Irish people to get away from Ireland for better career prospects and better life is not surprising, however, it is nonetheless quite distressing.”

 “Young Irish people are using these Visas in order to get their foot in the door and to gain access to jobs and progress their careers in the Canadian labour market in fields and areas which are denied to them at home.”

 “Without doubt, this age group has been the most adversely affected by the policies of this government’s austerity policies. Indeed, CSO employment figures have highlighted that there are now nearly 50,000 less young people in employment since Fine Gael and Labour came to power.”

 “Inheritors of a disastrous economy and reduced career and life prospects thanks to Fianna Fail, and only made worse by Fine Gael and Labour, young people still do not see a future for themselves in Ireland at the moment.”

 “The government has been trying to spin how we’re all on the road to recovery, but that is just not true. They have fostered a two-tier recovery, a broken recovery, a recovery for their privileged friends, not for the ordinary people of Ireland who have borne the brunt of their austerity measures.”

 “However, given that a similar batch of Visas were snapped up in 7 minutes in 2014, it wouldn’t surprise me if the government takes the extra 5 minutes this year as another sign of the supposed recovery.” 

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