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Sinn Féin fights to support workers with living wage proposals– Louise O’Reilly

22 April, 2015

Sinn Féin general election candidate for Dublin Fingal Louise O’Reilly today chaired the party’s launch of the ‘Decent Work and the Living Wage’ document, that calls for the introduction of legislation to protect vulnerable workers.  (Download document from link above)

Speaking after the launch, Ms. O’Reilly said:

“Ireland has a growing problem when it comes to low pay and the exploitation of workers, especially in relation to female employees. 

Ireland now has the third highest rate of underemployment in the EU, with 127,300 workers across the state underemployed.

 “While it is obvious that low pay is not good for workers, it is also bad for the economy and for the wider society, and it places huge costs on the state in terms of social transfers.  For example, women now make up almost 60% of Family Income Supplement beneficiaries. 

“This government is presiding over a two tier recovery and is attempting to rebuild an economy on low pay. 

 “Sinn Féin believe that this government has a duty to regulate the labour market to ensure that work pays. 

Simply put we want decent work for decent pay. Our document ‘Decent Work and the Living Wage’ sets out a number of key policy initiatives that we believe are crucial to ending in-work poverty.

“We want the immediate introduction of collective bargaining which compels employers to recognise and engage with trade unions and robust anti-victimisation legislation.

“We want an end to zero hour contracts, and legislation that provides a legal entitlement to workers to full time work and to banded hours.  

“Building a fair economy and delivering a fair recovery means an increase in the current minimum wage.

 “As a Sinn Féin representative I am on the side of workers.

“I firmly believe that decent work and decent pay is central to creating a more equal society and long-term sustainable economic growth.” 

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