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Cllr Lynam urges Sinn Féin members in Swords to mobilise for Day of Action on Water

7 May, 2015 - by Phil Lynam

As Sinn Féin activists across the country mobilise for a Day of Action on water charges, Cllr Philip Lynam  Dublin Sinn Féin representative for Swordshas criticised the government for “making it up as it goes along” on the water charges fiasco.

Speaking ahead of the Day of Action taking place this Saturday the 9th of May, " Cllr Philip Lynam said:

“As this government ploughs ahead with introducing its latest unfair tax, Sinn Féin activists across the 26 counties will be out in local areas protesting against water charges.

“This week the Fine Gael-Labour coalition has announced that It will pickpocket its citizens as people’s bank accounts, social welfare payments, wages and rent payments will now be raided in order to meet unpaid bills.

"To me this is unacceptable. Sinn Féin has stated it will abolish water charges and Irish Water if given a mandate by the Irish people in the next election.

 I have submitted a motion which has been on the agenda since November at council level and hoping to speak on it this month. The motion reads:

"That this council recognising the financial circumstances of many families in Fingal and throughout the state who are struggling to get by week to week agree to call on the government to reverse the decision to charge people for water, abolish Irish water and instead use monies allocated for future investment by Irish water to fix leaking pipes instead and not further burden families who cannot take anymore.

I would like to strongly urge anyone opposed to water charges to join us on pickets, stalls and protests as we peacefully demonstrate our opposition to this unfair tax.”

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