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Answers needed on role of secret RUC forensic teams

13 May, 2015 - by Gerry Kelly

Sinn Féin MLA Gerry Kelly said today he would be raising the allegations with the Chief Constable, Policing Board and Ombudsman that members of RUC Special Branch had handed over guns to state agents, used in as many as 60 killings.

Gerry Kelly was speaking after revelations last night that a secret RUC Special Branch forensic team WERC had withheld forensic reports from police inquiries, tampered with forensic evidence and handed weapons over to Special Branch agents which were later used in 60 killings.

Gerry Kelly said:

“I will be raising these damning allegations with the Chief Constable and the Policing Board that an RUC Special Branch forensic unit, WERC, handed guns over to state agents which were used in over 60 killings.

“I want to know was there ever any PSNI investigation into WERC’s activities of tampering with forensic evidence, providing guns to Special Branch agents which were used in killings and then falsifying reports to the courts.

“These revelations are further evidence of collusion by the British state in killings during the conflict and ongoing efforts to cover it up.

“We need to know is there any branch of the PSNI involved in any forensic work which is the exclusive remit of the Department of Justice’s Forensic Science NI?

“Victims and their families demand and need answers to these questions. I will be raising this with the Chief Constable and the Policing Board and seeking a meeting with the Ombudsman in relation to this inquiry.”

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