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Sinn Féin win support for bin waiver scheme- Cllr Cathal King

13 May, 2015 - by Cathal King

Sinn Féin councillor for South Dublin and party group leader on the council Cathal King successfully had a motion passed at the South Dublin County Council (SDCC) meeting reminding the Government and particularly the Labour Party of its promise in the programme for Government to introduce a National Bin Waiver scheme.

Speaking today Cllr King said:

"The Government and particularly the Labour Party promised in the programme for Government that they would introduce a National Bin Waiver scheme to assist those in most need financially in society like the pensioners, families on certain social welfare payment amounts and other vulnerable sections.

 The motion was proposed in the context of helping the most vulnerable with the ever increasing costs of waste collection and in some cases because of the new pay by weight scheme have gone from €8 per lift to €20 + per lift which is having a drastic effect on peoples incomes.

The motion was also tabled due to the increased costs being accrued by this Council and others for the removal of illegally dumped waste.

This Council spent €4 million last year doing this and with the more cut backs and new stealth taxes the bigger the problem gets.

In addition to this some estates in my area are being destroyed by illegal dumping and community morale is extremely low as a result of this practice.

Fly tipping is something I absolutely loath be it in housing estates or in our mountain areas but it is an unfortunate reality  for some of those who are dumping, that they are choosing whether to put a dinner on the table to feed their children or to put a bin out.

In some extreme cases bins are being dumped on the local green space by desperate families. An additional horrible aspect to this is that young children are engaged in green flags programmes in school are then going home and being told by their parents to roll their bin down to the local field, empty it and burn it.

Some of these families simply have no respect for our community while others simply see it as them not having a choice in the matter.

The Sinn Féin group on SDCC will continue to call this Government to account on matters adversely affecting our communities particularly when the problems exist because of Government decisions.”

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