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Carlow Kilkenny voters have the opportunity to spearhead progressive political change - Cllr Kathleen Funchion

14 May, 2015 - by Kathleen Funchion TD

Carlow Kilkenny by-election candidate Cllr Kathleen Funchion has urged the people of the constituency to make the change and vote for Sinn Féin next Friday.

She stated that voters in Carlow Kilkenny have the opportunity to spearhead the transformation that is so badly needed in Irish politics.

Cllr Funchion made the comments while canvassing with Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD and Liadh Ní Riada MEP this afternoon.

She said;

“Successive generations in Carlow Kilkenny have been failed miserably by Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil. It is time for something new. Sinn Féin has the progressive policies and the vision to do right by the people of this constituency. Carlow Kilkenny is crying out for effective political representation at a national level. That is what I will deliver as a Sinn Féin TD.

“Next Friday, voters in this constituency have the opportunity to spearhead the transformation that is so badly needed in Irish politics. A Sinn Féin victory in Carlow Kilkenny will tell this government that their time is up and that people want representatives who will fight for a fair recovery.

“The truth is that the real concerns of ordinary people in Carlow Kilkenny are as far from the minds of Enda Kenny and Micheál Martin as the concerns of Scottish people are from the minds of David Cameron and the Tories.

“Another Fine Gael TD will simply be resigned to the back-benches. He will only be called upon by their leadership to rubber-stamp more of the policies that are causing so much hardship today.

“In voting for the Fianna Fáil candidate you will be electing a TD who will join a parliamentary party that lacks leadership, direction and vision. Electing a Fianna Fáil TD will ensure that the chance of having a strong voice for Carlow Kilkenny will drown in the tide of stagnation.

"However, by electing a Sinn Féin TD, voters will be endorsing somebody who will be right at the centre of the most effective and dynamic opposition within the Dáil. The concerns of Carlow Kilkenny will be placed at the cutting edge of opposition arguments and genuinely inform our positions as we seek a mandate to form a progressive government. Sinn Féin cares about the needs of this constituency. And I will make sure that this remains the case.

“This constituency will fare a lot better with a Sinn Féin TD. It already has Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil TDs. It is abundantly clear that we need something very different.

“Electing a Fine Gael or a Fianna Fáil TD would be a wasted opportunity to send a power message to the establishment that enough is enough.

“It is time to make the change. It is time for Carlow Kilkenny to back Sinn Féin.”

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