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Non Payment of Derelict Site Levy in Dublin City unacceptable -Cllr Reilly

26 May, 2015

Dublin City Councillor Noeleen Reilly has said that the levels of payment of the Derelict Site levy are unacceptable.

She said,

“Derelict sites are a huge problem across the city.  They are a hindrance to anyone living or trying to run a business nearby and they completely take away from an area for visitors coming in.

"The derelict site levy is supposed to be an incentive to owners to ensure that the site is kept in a reasonable state but also to ensure that it is developed without delay.

"Based on a response I received from Dublin City Council recently this is simply not happening.  The levels of non-payment are at an unacceptable level.”

“One such derelict site in my own area of Ballymun and Santry is the Stormanstown site.  This site was put on the market and has just been left there.  It has now become a magnet for antisocial behaviour and dumping”

Councillor Reilly further added,

“I believe it unacceptable to see the level of non-payment so high.  Domestic customers of Dublin City council were not given such leeway with the household charge or the property tax so commercial customers should be no less.

"These buildings or land are an eyesore for communities.  Dublin City Council now needs to conduct a review on how to get greater levels of payment. 

"With the housing crisis at its worst and many areas experiencing low levels of employment the emphasis needs to be on getting development up and going and gets these sites back into workable use”

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