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Lamppost law must apply to everyone

16 June, 2015 - by Pat Sheehan

Sinn Féin member of the Policing Board Pat Sheehan has said he will be questioning why a man was arrested by the PSNI for erecting a suicide awareness poster on a lamppost.  

 Given that there appears to be a policy of not intervening when thousands of flags are erected annually on lampposts the PSNI needs to explain the inconsistencies in their actions.

 Mr Sheehan said,

 “If there is a criminal offence of interfering with a lamppost then the erection of flags must also come under it.

 “It is unacceptable that a man was arrested for erecting suicide awareness posters while Loyalists used cherry pickers to erect flags on lampposts at Twadwell a couple of hundred yards from the PSNI as they sat watching.

 “I intend to raise the issue at the Policing Board and get an explanation what is the difference between erecting a poster and erecting a flag on a lamppost.

 “If the public are to gain confidence in a non partisan policing service then it must be seen in applying the law in an even handed manner.”

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