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Statement from Sinn Féin on East Cork Review

23 June, 2015

Sinn Féin has concluded a review of the party's structures in the constituency of East Cork.

The review commenced in January and the review panel was headed-up by Jonathan O'Brien.  It included three Sinn Féin Councillors.

The review was initiated following a number of complaints.  It involved interviews and meetings with more than 60 party members in the Cork East constituency including all elected representatives and all party officers.

The review was structured, comprehensive and followed a clear process. Any contention to the contrary is untrue.

The review concluded with the compilation of a report, including findings and recommendations. These recommendations included that Councillor Kieran McCarthy be expelled from Sinn Féin and that Councillor Melissa Mullane be suspended from Sinn Féin for a period of 12 months.

These recommendations were brought before the Ard Chomhairle on Sunday, June 21st.  It was discussed and endorsed at that meeting.

Both Councillors were informed of the review panel’s findings and recommendations by the chairperson of the panel and by the chairperson of the party’s 26 County Directorate at meetings in the Kingsley Hotel in Cork on Monday, June 22nd.

They were given the reasons for the decisions at those meetings. They were also informed that they had 21 days to appeal the decision.  And they were asked to resign their council seats in line with their pledge to the party.

The report and its recommendations are internal to Sinn Féin.

However, since the contention has been repeatedly made in the public arena, the party wishes to state that the decisions regarding both councillors were NOT taken in relation to any expressed or implied intention to contest election conventions.

Sinn Féin stands over the review and its recommendations.


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