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Kenny and Noonan side with EU elite against Greece - Adams

23 June, 2015 - by Gerry Adams

Sinn Féin Leader Gerry Adams TD has accused Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Finance Minister Michael Noonan of taking the side of EU elite against people of Greece in EU negotiations on the Greek financial crisis.
He said that while Greece and Ireland both had unfair debt burdens imposed upon their citizens, the Fine Gael/Labour Government had “consistently taken the side of the EU elite and the ECB against the people of Greece”.
Speaking in the Dáil this evening, Teachta Adams said:
“Minister Noonan reportedly ganged up with the Germans to argue that the ECB governing council could not keep meeting every day to approve emergency loans to Greece. Effectively, Minister Noonan called for controls on Greek banks but ECB officials told both him and the German finance ministers to stay away from monetary policy.

“There has been very little evidence of solidarity in the EU's attitude to Greece or of any understanding of the position of the Greek government. The current crisis is not in the interests of the people of Greece or of other EU states.
“The Government of Greece does not want the country to leave the Eurozone and the Irish Government must argue against any EU effort to force Greece out. Yet, time and again, in relation to Greece as in relation to this state, Mr Kenny and Minister Noonan have not acted as representatives of the people of Ireland, but as representatives of the EU elite in Ireland.
“What is now needed is firm support and solidarity for Greece from Eurozone states, especially this state. The Greek Government is merely seeking comprises on a reform package which ends a six-year-long recession which has caused untold hardship to Greek citizens.”
The Sinn Fein leader said the Greek Government sought a fair compromise which does not unduly target the poor and most vulnerable Greek citizens and added:
“Why doesn’t this government support proposals that would reform Greek’s economy in order to tackle their humanitarian crisis, as the Greek Government is trying to do?
“Why do they continue to back the type of austerity measures which have failed citizens of EU states and increased inequality and destitution in Greece, Ireland, Spain, and Portugal?
“Ireland should be supporting Greece’s calls for a reduction in their unsustainable and unfair debt. We should be making common cause with Greece with a view to reducing our own state's unsustainable debts.
“That is what citizens in this state want from your Government and indeed that was the platform with which you won the 2011 General Election.”

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