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Cllr Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire calls on Government TDs to support Sinn Féin Bill on Lone Parents

30 June, 2015 - by Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire

Cllr Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire has called on the Government TDs for Cork South Central, Jerry Buttimer, Ciaran Lynch, and Simon Coveney, to back Sinn Féin's legislation to maintain Lone Parents Payments, which is to be voted on in the Dáil on Wednesday.

Speaking today, the Sinn Féin Candidate for Cork South Central said that this Bill is a chance to halt a cut which will cause significant suffering for many families.

He said;

"Last week, many single parents received what would be their last Lone Parent payment, as the cuts take effect this week, and it has created enormous concern and fear among many many families. This is a very nasty and unfair cut, which will save very little for the state, but will have a huge impact on Single Parent families, already among the most vulnerable in Irish Society."

"It should be remembered, that Single Parent Families are twice as likely to live in consistent poverty that two-parent Households. Of the thousands of people affected, this may push a significant proportion of them into poverty."

"The Tánaiste in 2012 made a commitment not to proceed with the cut in the absence of adequate childcare provision. This has not happened, and cuts to the One Parent Family Payment will not encourage lone parents to take up work, those in work will be worst affected."

"Public opinion is hardening against the Government on this issue, and there are reports that many TDs, particularly Labour Party TDs are uncomfortable with this cut. This is the opportunity for them, to reflect on the significance of the pain the Government is about to inflict on the public, and to vote for the Sinn Féin legislation."

"I am calling on Jerry Buttimer, Simon Coveney and Ciarán Lynch, to support our legislation, to put a halt to this punitive cut, and end the fears of many single parents. Failure to do so, would surely give the lie to the Government's constant claims that we have reached the end of austerity. The Labour Party claims to defend the vulnerable in this Government, it is high time that Ciarán Lynch and his colleagues put their money where their mouths are - it is not yet too late to stop this cut, but time is running out."

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