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No vote a victory for hope and dignity - Sinn Féin

5 July, 2015 - by Pearse Doherty TD, Martina Anderson MEP

Speaking from Athens this evening after the Greek people roundly rejected the Troika’s austerity programme Sinn Féin Finance Spokesperson Pearse Doherty congratulated the people of Greece and called on the Eurogroup to get back around the negotiating table in a genuine effort to reach a deal that must now include debt relief.

The party’s MEP from the North Martina Anderson who is also in Athens this evening has said today’s result shows hope and dignity won out over fear and scaremongering.”

Deputy Doherty said;

“I want to congratulate the people of Greece.  This is a resounding vote against austerity and the failure of the Troika to reach a just compromise.

“This referendum was held with the backdrop of fear and scaremongering by our own and other European Governments.

“But years of brutal austerity have taken their toll on the Greek people who have stood up to the bullyboys of the EU today.

“And now that the votes have been cast and the result is clear there is a responsibility on those who claim to uphold democracy to respect the outcome of this referendum and get back around the negotiating table in a genuine effort to reach deal that must now include debt relief.”

MEP Anderson said;

“The fact that the Greek Government put this issue to the people is a huge credit to them.  They have used the best weapon they have which is democracy and they have got what I think is an amazing result - a victory of hope and dignity over fear and scaremongering.”


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