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Discussions cannot be drawn on interminably

3 December, 2004

Sinn Féin Vice President Pat Doherty briefed the party leadership in Belfast on the prospects for a comprehensive agreement involving the DUP.

Pat Doherty said,

" On Wednesday our party negotiating team made our final representation to the two governments on their proposals.

" Despite our obvious scepticism about the DUPs approach, and particularly our scepticism about their willingness to buy into the core principles of the Good Friday Agreement, Sinn Fein approached all of these discussions positively.

" We have spent months in detailed and thorough-going discussions with the two governments across all of the issues. I think we have all been patient over the past months. But this phase of discussions cannot be drawn out interminably.

" A comprehensive deal is possible. But it can only be done on the basis of the Good Friday Agreement. The DUP must move away from the failed approaches of the past. The days of second-class citizenship, domination and humiliation are over. The British Prime Minister has a particular responsibility to impress this on the DUP leader." ENDS

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