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Labour TD Joanna Tuffy out of touch with the realities of working parents

7 July, 2015

Dublin Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan has slammed Joanna Tuffy’s insensitive remarks on social media surrounding lone parent cuts.

Commenting today Ms Boylan said:

“I think Deputy Tuffy’s comments are emblematic of a Labour party that has completely lost touch with the reality of day to day life for many working parents in Ireland. 

“Joanna Tuffy in true 'Marie Antoinette' style suggested parents bring their children to work with them!

“Given the number of women who are struggling with precarious working conditions, having set hours or an extra four hours a week enabling them to schedule childcare would be a massive achievement, being allowed to bring their children to work or having on-site childcare facilities would be something they could only dream of.

“Deputy Tuffy's Labour party has been behind some of the most vilifying cuts, as it simultaneously bleats about an economic recovery.

“Cuts to child benefit, the taxing of maternity benefit and more recently the cutting of lone parents allowance. 

“It would suit Deputy Tuffy better to stop trying to defend the indefensible and instead focus her energy on raising the minimum wage and providing affordable accessible childcare.

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