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518 people join the Live Register in Limerick City in July

10 August, 2015 - by Maurice Quinlivan

Speaking today Sinn Féin Councillor Maurice Quinlivan said: “The latest CSO figures for Limerick contradict the Government spin that the economy has ‘turned the corner’. For the last three months we have seen a national increase month on month in unemployment. The government is claiming that they are making progress in tackling the unemployment crisis, that Jobs are being created and that the live register is falling with the number of people in employment is increasing. This would be great news if it was true. Unfortunately an extra 518 have joined the Live register in Limerick city in July alone.

Quinlivan said: “Nationally 343,000 people were signing on in July which is twice as much as did in 2008. If you add the number of people who are on so called ‘Job-Activation’ scheme that number jumps to a level of around 20% of our population. Youth unemployment is still over 20% even though so many of our young people have been forced to emigrate.

“Here in Limerick City and extra 518 people signed on in July, including almost 100 young people.

“At a time of year when you would expect employment figures to be going the other direction due to part-time and seasonal work opportunities becoming available, this is a worrying trend to see emerging.

“If you consider that more than over 500,000 people emigrated from Ireland in the last number of years you can see how the government’s policies have really failed Irish citizens when it comes to job creation and economic revival.

“This is particularly evident in Limerick where emigration and both long term and youth unemployment have been an even greater scourge. The historical lack of investment has made an economic recovery even more difficult.

“Much of the employment that has been created is in seasonal and part-time employment and at the lower end of the wage scale. People are not feeling the benefit in their wage packets while they are being asked to shoulder even more financial burden such as Property Taxes, USC and Water charges.

“The government needs to reverse these policies and take a more progressive approach, as has been proposed time and again through this crisis by Sinn Féin.   

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