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Deputy Bannon’s comments on rural resettlement “offensive” and “unhelpful”- Cllr Carney Boud

11 September, 2015 - by Cathleen Carney Boud

Deputy Bannon’s comments on rural resettlement “offensive” and “unhelpful”- Cllr Carney Boud Dublin Sinn Féin Councillor Cathleen Carney Boud has labelled Deputy Bannon’s comments on a possible rural resettlement programme for homeless families in the capital as deeply offensive and unhelpful. Cllr Carney Boud said: “Dublin has a major housing crisis caused by the failure of Deputy Bannon’s own party in government to address the issue which has now escalated in to one of the worst housing crisis’ this city has faced. Dublin hosts many students and workers alike from many counties of Ireland and abroad and rather than having a county by county approach, Ireland needs to deal with this crisis as a nation. Parochial politics in the face of what is becoming a humanitarian crisis for homeless families is narrow minded and insensitive.” “The rural re-settlement programme during the 90’s was very successful and so long as it is a voluntary scheme, there is no reason why it couldn’t be successful again. “There are many families who are working and simply cannot afford the high rents in Dublin and through no fault of their own have become homeless. “There are plenty of good families who may already have connections in rural towns and would love to make a fresh start and be an asset to their new community”

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