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Councillor Reilly welcomes Ballymun Household Shopper Survey by Dublin City Counci

11 September, 2015

Ballymun Sinn Féin Councillor Noeleen Reilly has welcomed the news that Dublin City Council will be carrying out a Ballymun Household Shopper Survey starting on Monday the 14th September.

Speaking from Ballymun today, she said,

“One of the most consistent issues that have been raised with me is the lack of retail facilities in Ballymun. 

We have gone through a regeneration process where the guts of a billion euro have been spent and yet there is very little retail activity in the area.

The master plan of the regeneration had promised an €800 million shopping centre which was to be the Northside “Dundrum”.

Unfortunately the crash happened and nothing developed further on this.

All tenants have now been removed from the existing shopping centre and although there has been some movement on an adjacent site in the last few months, we are still quite a bit away from creating a vibrant town centre as set out by Ballymun regeneration ltd.”

She further added,

“The Survey is an integral part in finding out what the residents of Ballymun want and also gaining evidence of current shopping trends.

The results of the survey will give us an idea of what sort of retail experience residents are looking for in the area. 

The survey will be done over the phone from Monday and I would encourage everyone who receives a call to take part and help us create a vibrant town centre for the benefit of all the residents”

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