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Sinn Féin will enter talks to find resolutions

13 September, 2015 - by Gerry Adams

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD speaking this morning at the press conference in Belfast said:

 “It is important that we remember that the initial catalyst for this crisis was the murder of two men.

 "But the twists and turns of the last few weeks are entirely down to the manoeuvrings and machinations of the UUP and the ease with which the DUP has been spooked by them.

 "This is a contrived crisis.

 "It is about the electoral rivalry between the two unionist parties.

 "The arrest of our colleague Bobby Storey last week was the pretext for an effort by the DUP to force the adjournment of the political institutions.

 "When that failed Peter Robinson stepped aside and his Ministerial colleagues – with the exception of Arlene Foster – resigned.

 "There are of course other issues in the mix also, including the absence of a workable budget, outstanding issues arising from the Good Friday and other agreements, including Acht na Gaeilge, and the failure to implement the Stormont House Agreement.

 "Negotiations will commence tomorrow to find resolutions to these matters.

 "Sinn Féin will enter the talks tomorrow in good faith and determined to find resolutions and agreement on all outstanding matters.

 "The Taoiseach needs to make the north a priority. Over the last few years the Taoiseach and the British Prime Minister have virtually abandoned their responsibility as co-equal guarantors of the Good Friday and subsequent agreements.

 "Clumsy interventions at times of crisis are no substitute for long-term engagement and consistency which is what is required.

 "And Sinn Féin will not tolerate a situation in which the democratic rights of our electorate are not recognised and valued on the same basis as those of other parties.” CRÍOCH/ENDS

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