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Housing crisis harming children most – McLellan

21 September, 2015

Sinn Féin TD and Spokesperson for Children Sandra McLellan has today reminded the government that there are almost 1,500 children living in emergency accommodation. Deputy McLellan spoke of her fears of the long term negative impact that such precarious living will have on children’s development.

Deputy McLellan said:

“The stark figure that 1,496 children are living in emergency accommodation is staggering. How are children to grow, to develop emotionally and academically without the nurturing environment of a home around them? Parents are being forced into an impossible position by this government and its laissez-faire approach to solving the housing crisis in this country. The government’s dedication to allowing the market to regulate itself has failed and it is our children who are suffering the brunt of their failure.

“Simply putting a roof over a child’s head is no guarantee of the proper head-start in life that we all want for our children. While emergency accommodation, which we are rapidly running out of the ability to provide, is preferable to the dreadful stories of families living in cars and in parks, it is not a fait accompli to simply take a family off the streets; it is merely the first step. I plead with the Minister of the Environment to ensure that children’s needs and rights are prioritised in this time of crisis.” 

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