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Sinn Féin is pro-enterprise - Adams

22 September, 2015 - by Gerry Adams

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD speaking at this mornings breakfast meeting with Dublin Chamber of Commerce set out some of the party’s plans for business and the economy and his vision for Dublin.

The Sinn Féin leader was speaking as part of the Chamber’s Political leaders Series in the O’Callaghan Alexander Hotel.

Extracts from Teachta Adams speech:

Mr. Adams said:

“Dublin is a proud city with a long and illustrious history. The site of key events in the history of the nation, it was site of the Easter Rising, the Centenary of which we will commemorate next year.

Like many large, capital cities across the world, Dublin faces particular infrastructural and environmental challenges. A lack of planning has been a major feature of the city's exponential growth over the decades and this has brought a multitude of problems for those who live, work and visit Dublin.

The city is choked by traffic gridlock, and a big issue for Dublin businesses is the lack of an integrated public transport system, despite the investments of recent years.

Workers living on one side of the city, or from neighbouring counties (like Louth) must have a car in order to travel to work.

Years of underinvestment in water infrastructure threatens future supplies with serious implications for businesses and householders.


Sinn Féin believes there are now key infrastructural challenges for the economy and that these challenges are particularly acute in Dublin.

Costs associated with housing, childcare and health affect businesses and citizens alike.

We cannot attract new businesses into the city if their employees face astronomical crèche fees and cannot find a home.

Over the coming months Sinn Féin will publish detailed policies to tackle these challenges for the longer term.

Sinn Féin - a pro-enterprise party

As a republican party, Sinn Féin puts the welfare of citizens first and foremost in all our considerations.

To achieve this and to develop the type of fair, just and prosperous society which Sinn Féin advocates, we need a strong economy.

We believe that such an economy, including a thriving enterprise sector, is essential to sustain decent and accessible public services.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Sinn Féin supports and encourages FDI businesses into Ireland.

We understand the value of FDI in a small, open economy.

We do not see FDI as an either/or choice.

We see it as part and parcel of the island’s enterprise landscape.

In fact we believe we are much more ambitious than the Government for what can be achieved through FDI.

We believe more work needs to be done to increase links between Irish indigenous business and FDI.

And we know these companies are open to exploring how this can be achieved.

Dublin-Belfast economic corridor

All those who share the island can only benefit from the creation of a vibrant, dynamic all-Ireland economy.

Dublin, in particular, stands to benefit from further development of the Dublin-Belfast economic corridor.

This has the potential to bring enormous social and economic benefits to both cities and to all areas in between.

Sinn Féin wants to see the removal of practical barriers to promote intercity travel between Belfast and Dublin by tourists and non-tourists alike.

Public Procurement 

Public procurement acts as a critical stimulus for the domestic economy.

It is an important driver for recovery both in terms of employment and employment standards across the economy.

Sinn Féin's has set out a number of recommendations to increase the participation in public procurement tendering of SMEs, particularly micro and small businesses.

We also note the new EU Directive on Public Procurement provides SMEs and their representatives with an opportunity to make a increased demand of Government.

Budget 2016

As Budget 2016 approaches, Sinn Féin is in the process of finalising our alternative Budget proposals. This is due to be launched in the next two weeks.

Sinn Féin's budget submission for 2016 will include measures to support and encourage business and entrepreneurship.”

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