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Governments delivery on Agreements required - McCann

27 September, 2015 - by Jennifer McCann

Sinn Féin Junior Minister, Jennifer McCann has told a meeting at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton that the British and Irish governments need to live up to and deliver on their commitments in the Good Friday and subsequent Agreements in the ongoing political talks at Stormont.  

Ms. McCann said:

“While it is important to remember that it was the Davison and McGuigan murders carried out by criminals that were cynically used as the catalyst for the present crisis it is also important to point out that the difficulties in the political process preceded these events.

“The crisis currently facing us was brought about principally through the British Tory government’s austerity policies and the decimation of the Executive’s budget.

“Although there are a range of issues including welfare, institutional reform and legacies from the past to be addressed, the British government’s austerity agenda is the main threat to the political institutions.

“The Executive requires a sustainable, workable budget if we are to successfully grow our economy and protect public services and the vulnerable in our society. 

“Sinn Féin is in the present negotiations to find a resolution to these challenges and the British and Irish governments need to play a positive role to that end also." 

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