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Halawa case is not a political football – Boylan

20 October, 2015 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan has reiterated calls for action from the Irish Government and European Institutions in the case to release Dublin teenager, Ibrahim Halawa.

Speaking after hosting a public hearing of the case in the European Parliament, Ms Boylan said,

"The Government do not need to be reminded of who Ibrahim is, or how inhumane his case is. This has been going on for over two years now - the purpose of today's hearing was to bring around the table, voices of experience.

To hear from those who have successfully secured freedom for their relatives or clients. I am appealing to the Irish government to take on board their advice and to reconsider their approach to Ibrahim's case.

All of those who spoke today, did so, to offer their support and advice to the Irish government and not to play politics with the young man's life.

"Today we heard from Somaia Halawa, who is Ibrahim's older sister, and she spoke of the pain of seeing her brother imprisoned unjustly, the frustration of being refused a fair trial and the fear for his future.

"Mohamed Soltan, who went on hungerstrike following his arrest by Egyptian security forces, described the horrific experiences he endured and spoke of not only the physical implications but the mental implications that he is left with. From having impromptu surgery carried out on his arm with bathroom scalpels to having a corpse in his cell for 24 hours.

"Peter Greste, an Australian journalist who shared a cell with Ibrahim, contributed to the hearing via Skype. His lawyer who travelled to the hearing spoke of how the presidential decree was availed of in securing Greste's release.

"This is not a political football; this is literally a matter of Ibrahim's life. Mohamed Soltan is living proof that intervention from government has positive results and I will continue to persue this case until we get Ibrahim home. I once again ask the Irish government to engage with those who want to help" ENDS  

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