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British and Irish government state interests blocking progress - Kearney

13 November, 2015

Sinn Féin National Chairperson Declan Kearney has said the British and Irish government self interests are blocking progress in the current negotiations.

Mr Kearney said;

"The failure of the British and Irish governments to step up to the mark and frustrate the efforts of local parties to secure a final agreement has become a huge problem.

"The British governments’ refusal to recognise and properly address the special circumstances of the North has absolutely nothing to do with finance: it is ideologically based.

"The influence of Britain’s military establishment and security and intelligence agencies is the major factor in reinforcing the Westminster Government’s intransigence against full disclosure of the truth about its role in the conflict.

"The Irish government has chosen to play a subservient role by aiding and abetting the primacy of these British state interests within this negotiation. The role played by it has been both irresponsible and disgraceful.

"All of this brings sharply into focus the question of whether the two governments are serious about contributing to a political agreement, supported by the required financial uplift to guarantee political and economic stability in the North.

"Conservative ideology, British military and security interests, and the partisan electoral goals of 26 county political parties are actively blocking the ability of these negotiations to make progress.

"The future viability of the political institutions are dependent on a comprehensive political agreement. That is still possible, but the negative and divisive approach of the British and Irish governments must end."

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