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Institutions are best defence against Tory austerity policies - Doherty

20 November, 2015 - by Pat Doherty

Sinn Féin MP Pat Doherty has said the political institutions at the Assembly offer the best defence against Tory austerity.

Mr Doherty said; 

"Sinn Féin entered negotiations ten weeks ago to achieve the best deal possible for our people and to ensure stability for the political institutions as the best defence against Tory austerity.

"We negotiated a package of measures including an extra half billion pounds in new money and also additional flexibilities to invest in public services and the economy.

"We have negotiated a fund of £585 million over four years to support the vulnerable and working families.

"This will be used over four years to support the vulnerable and working families. 

"If we had adopted the same approach as the SDLP and UUP we could now be looking at the collapse of the political institutions, the return of direct rule and unrestricted Tory cuts. 

"We would now be facing the imposition of Water Charges, massive hikes in Tuition Fees, the full imposition of the Tory Welfare Cuts without any protection whatsoever instead of the support we secured. 

"£240m will be made available to assist the 103,000 families across the north who would have been severely impacted by the Tory cuts to Tax Credits and £345m towards a package of measures to offset the impact of Tory Welfare benefit changes affecting the disabled, sick and vulnerable. 

"The political institutions offer the best defence against the unfair and unjust policies of the Tories."

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