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Sinn Féin won’t take lectures from the architects of the housing crisis - Cllr McGrattan

11 December, 2015 - by Séamas McGrattan

Dublin Sinn Féin city councillor Seamás McGrattan has accused Cllr Paul McAuliffe of once again demonstrating a lack of understanding of the housing crisis currently affecting the city.

Cllr McGrattan said:

“In a typically populist statement by the Fianna Fáil councillor, he has failed to grasp the enormity of the housing problem and the nuances of the terms and conditions of the proposed tenant purchase scheme.

“Let me be clear, Sinn Féin accepts the right of tenants to buy their homes.  That is not the issue.

 “What we have a problem with is the fact that a tenant of two or three years can avail of the same 60% discount as somebody who has been in their home for 20 or 30 years and has raised their family in that home.  That is not equitable.

“There is a massive housing crisis in the city at this time and everyone accepts that there is insufficient housing stock available.

“We believe the tenant purchase scheme should be reformed to ensure that any housing stock sold is replaced on a one for one basis.

"The reality is that Fianna Fáil's failure to build social housing units during the so called celtic tiger years has caused the housing crisis we find ourselves in at the present time so we won’t take any lectures from them.”

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