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“Leaked TTIP Document shows EU hypocrisy at COP21” - Carthy

14 December, 2015 - by Matt Carthy MEP

Sinn Féin MEP Matt Carthy has criticised the EU Commission following yet another internal TTIP (Trans-Atlantic Trade & Investment Partnership – the EU US trade deal) document leak, this time confirming the blocking of measures aimed at combating climate change.

The Midlands North West MEP said:

"This leaked document highlights that the Commission had asked the trade negotiators to block any discussion of measures to combat climate change that would see a 'restriction on international trade.'

"The document says that "the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is not the appropriate forum to discuss trade measures" and states that the international body and the previously governing Kyoto Protocol should work in ways to minimise adverse effects on international trade.

"The document clearly shows the complete hypocrisy of the EU claiming, on one hand, to want to help developing countries meet targets but not willing to sacrifice weakening Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) to help the transfer to technology.

"The wording is very strong and states that they "strictly oppose" the introduction of a discussion on IPR in relation to climate related technologies. They deny that IPR acts as a barrier to climate-related technologies in developing countries, instead saying that IPR is a "tool to attract investment". This categorically shows their favouring of industry over climate change.

Mr Carthy continued:

"In this document, what the EU is basically saying is that despite all the strong rhetoric from last weekend’s COP21 Paris talks must not allow any countries to limit trade and investment opportunities for European corporations seeking to penetrate new markets around the world.

"It is evident that trade and corporate profits are the priorities on their agenda and that we simply cannot trust what they tell us.  Instead of addressing hypocrisy, they want to completely block the issues from even being discussed.

"This document shows the complete contradiction between what the EU outwardly says and what is being negotiated behind closed doors.  It is further evidence of the need for the Irish government to call for an end to the TTIP negotiations."


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