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Sinn Féin’s Noeleen Moran to launch general election campaign in Clare

5 January, 2016 - by Noeleen Moran

Sinn Féin will officially launch it’s campaign to elect Noeleen Moran as a TD for Clare next week. The event will take place at The Old Ground Hotel on Thursday, January 14th at 8 pm. The hotel was used for Sinn Féin’s conventions during the Clare East by-election campaign of 1917.

Sinn Féin MEP for Ireland South Liadh Ní Riada will be in attendance and will address the audience on the night. Some of the county’s most noted traditional Irish musicians will also be present in support of Moran’s campaign launch.

Hailing from Ballyvaughan and living in Ennis, Ms Moran, who holds a degree in public & social policy and a Masters in Human Rights Law, stated that Sinn Féin can make a breakthrough in the forthcoming election. 

She said;

“There is a lot of energy and positivity around this campaign. There is certainly an appetite,amongst the people of Clare,for an alternative voice to represent them at a national level. 

“Many people in this county feel very let down by the establishment parties. They see Sinn Féin putting forward real solutions and proposals in the areas of housing, health and the economy, and they are very impressed. They see us standing up for the interests of rural Ireland and they recognise that we are very different from those who have held the reigns of power in this state for so long.

“It will be a big challenge to win a seat but we are in this election to achieve a result. Sinn Féin is all about taking up the big challenges and delivering for people who are crying out for a better standard of public representation.

“It is vitally important that the issues affecting the people of Clare are dealt with effectively. I don't think that has been happening and more people are turning to Sinn Féin. They notice that our members are active in their communities throughout the year and not just at election time.

“I have been on the campaign trail for a long time now, knocking on doors and engaging with people about the issue that matter to them. I am looking forward to officially launching my campaign and continuing to articulate Sinn Féin’s progressive message to the people of Clare over the coming weeks. 

“A Sinn Féin led government would deliver a fair recovery. We would work to deliver universal health care and end the housing and homelessness crisis. We are committed to scrapping water charges, abolishing Irish Water and ending the Property Tax. That is the platform upon which I will be seeking election to the Dáil as a Sinn Féin TD.

“It is certainly time for change in County Clare. It is time to send a republican and progressive TD to the Dáil who will stand up for our communities and defend our vital public services. I am asking everybody to come out and support Sinn Féin, and my campaign, over the coming weeks.”

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