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A Sinn Féin TD will deliver for the ordinary people of Waterford - Senator David Cullinane

8 January, 2016 - by David Cullinane TD

Sinn Féin General Election candidate Senator David Cullinane has urged the people of Waterford to get behind his campaign and he stated that his party would deliver a fair recovery, universal healthcare and an end to the housing crisis.

Senator David Cullinane was speaking to a capacity audience in the Granville Hotel at an event to mark the launch of his campaign. He was joined by Sinn Féin Deputy-Leader Mary Lou McDonald TD.

He said;

"Voters in Waterford face a clear choice in the forthcoming election. They can choose the austerity, cuts and elitist politics of Fine Gael and Fine Gael-lite, as in the Labour Party, or they can choose the progressive alternative represented by Sinn Féin.

"Sinn Féin is on the side of the ordinary people of Waterford, those who, over the last 8 years, have been made pay the price for the financial gambles of the rich and the privileged in Irish society. A Sinn Féin government would act in the interests of the citizens of Ireland and not for the benefit of the pampered golden circles who have been protected and insulated by Fine Gael, the Labour Party and Fianna Fáil.

"We make no apologies for our determination to deliver a fairer recovery and better country for our children. In government, Sinn Féin would implement policies to end the two-tier health service which has seen University Hospital Waterford firmly in the grip of the health crisis brought about by the current government.

There are currently over 1,900 families on the housing waiting list in Waterford. This is unacceptable yet every government TD in this constituency has tolerated the situation during their time in office. Sinn Féin would tackle the housing crisis head-on and undertake a massive social housing build programme that would get people of the streets, out of emergency accommodation, and into homes where they belong.

"Again, we make no apologies for defending our vital public services against the onslaught of underfunding and under-resourcing championed with such relish by Fine Gael and the Labour Party. Sinn Féin would reform the tax system to make it fair and progressive. We do not hide from our firm belief that those who can afford to pay a little extra do so in order to fund world class hospitals, schools and public infrastructure.

"Waterford should elect a Sinn Féin TD. When you elect a Sinn Féin representative you know that you are getting somebody who will fight your corner every day and who will be a strong voice within a party for real political and social change of this island.

"I will work every day to ensure that Waterford is not a secondary consideration when it comes to the issues of employment, regional economic development and defending our rural towns and villages.

"A better Ireland is possible. A better Waterford is possible. However, it will not be brought about by voting for the same self-serving parties who have only ever acted to better the lives of a selected few.

"Republican left policies at the centre of government can transform the nature of politics of this island. Sinn Féin will deliver for the ordinary people of Waterford. I am asking them to put their trust in me. I am urging them to support my campaign and to come out and vote for Sinn Féin on Election Day. Together, we can bring an end to the inequalities that have dominated life in this country and in this country for far too long."

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