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Labour to pay at the ballot box for their betrayal of workers - Cullinane

14 January, 2016 - by David Cullinane TD

Sinn Féin Workers Rights spokesperson David Cullinane has accused Labour of hypocrisy and deceit when it comes to workers’ rights. Speaking in response to the launch of Standing up for Working People, a Labour party election document on workers’ rights, Senator Cullinane said:

“This document is an insult to workers and is a mixture of fantasy, hyperbole, and deceit.

 “Labour could care less about workers’ rights and this cynical publication on the eve of an election fools no one.

“At best this document is crass electioneering and at worst, another insult to working people.

“The document’s opening section titled ‘Our Record’ boasts that Labour increased the minimum wage and introduced collective bargaining.

“The reality is that the minimum wage was increased by 50 cents – a paltry and miserly sum by any measure.

“As for collective bargaining and contrary to Labour spin Ireland is virtually unique in the EU in that we still do not have legislation compelling employers to engage with trade unions.

“Mandatory trade union recognition is central to any concept of collective bargaining and Labour‘s legislation does not allow for this.   

“Labour’s track record in government speaks for itself and after five years they now stand firmly on the side of austerity, neoliberal economics and the dismantling of public services.    

“They support and implement right wing Fine Gael policies that decimate communities and push working people and their families to the brink in an ongoing struggle for survival.  

“Let there be no mistake about it Labour‘s bleeding heart liberal approach to exploited and oppressed low paid workers doesn’t wash.

“Their betrayal of workers, the trade union movement and all those who struggle for a more equitable society will be remembered at the ballot box in the upcoming election.”

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