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Micheál Martin’s revisionism sounds a lot like John Bruton’s anti-1916 rhetoric

18 January, 2016 - by Gerry Adams

Speaking in Wicklow this evening where Sinn Féin is launching the election campaign of John Brady, Party President Gerry Adams described Micheál Martin’s recent attacks on Sinn Fein as “attacks on all of those proud Fianna Fáil grassroots who kept faith with the people of the north during the conflict” and said these attacks from the Fianna Fáil leader do not serve the cause of Irish republicanism.

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams said:

“Micheál Martin’s increasingly strident rants against Sinn Féin, and his vindictive revisionism of recent history does not serve the cause of Irish republicanism or indeed the stated objectives of Fianna Fáil.

“Mr Martin’s attacks on those of us who supported the IRA during the conflict is an attack also on more principled elements within Fianna Fáil who sheltered IRA Volunteers, republican escapees and others at that time.

“When Micheál Martin attacks Sinn Féin he is attacking that generation, which is not unique to Fianna Fáil and includes some Fine Gael supporters, who kept faith with the people of the north.

“Now thankfully that the peace process is working the focus of all republicans should be to get rid of this bad government and to elect an alternative which would ensure that any economic recovery also becomes a recovery for all citizens based on fairness while working towards Irish unity.

“From the 1950s border campaign, to the civil rights in the 1960s, to providing safe houses for IRA volunteers and supporting the hunger strikers, many good and decent Fianna Fáil people supported the demand for freedom and were also among the strongest supporters of the peace process.

“There is undoubtedly concern among many Fianna Fáil people at Micheál Martin’s anti-Sinn Féin crusade. In this centenary year it sounds a lot like Bruton’s anti-1916 rhetoric.”


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