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SDLP need to explain Health comments

25 January, 2016 - by Maeve McLaughlin

Sinn Féin Health spokesperson Maeve McLaughlin has challenged the SDLP’s Fearghal McKinney to explain why he has called for the Health Department to be prioritised despite his party repeatedly voting against budgets putting hundreds of millions of pounds more into Health.

 Ms. McLaughlin said,

 “Fearghal has called for the Health Department to be prioritised yet his party has repeatedly voted against budgets giving the Department extra money.

 “In fact over the past few years the SDLP voted against ring fencing the health budget, voted against the addition of an extra £200m to alleviate difficulties within the department and has now voted against an increase in its current budget.

 “Despite a cut to the overall budget by the British Tory Government the Health department was the only one to be allocated an increase in its budget. Yet the SDLP voted against giving the Department this extra cash.

"What part of prioritising does Fearghal and the SDLP not understand?

 “So far we have seen the bizarre behaviour of the SDLP calling for extra money for health, welcoming the welfare arrangement proposed by Professor Everson, supporting the construction of the A5 and A6 then voting against the budget which includes all these.  

 “Maybe they will tell what individual part of the budget they disagree with because they cannot continue to claim to support health, welfare, education and infrastructure projects but vote against providing the resources to deliver them."

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