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Rights based approach to employment key for returning emigrants- Cllr Nic Cormaic

28 January, 2016 - by Sorcha Nic Cormaic

Cllr Sorcha Nic Cormaic has weighed in on the measures necessary to encourage young emigrants home.

She said:

"Ireland was particularly hard hit by the economic crisis, primarily as a result of financial mismanagement and governmental ineptitude. Young people, and young families, were the main victims of the economic crisis. If young people are to return to this state and attain decent work for decent pay there needs to be better cross-sectoral co-operation between departments. This requires political will and imagination.

We need to foster closer connections between Ireland and its young emigrants through continued investment in immigration centres abroad and through online mechanisms. I am a firm believer that voting rights should be extended to emigrants. A data base of skilled Irish emigrants should be set up to facilitate emigrants’ return when opportunities arise in their fields of expertise. To ensure we attract our emigrants back we must have a rights based approach to employment.

A 2014 conference ‘Home is Where the Heart is’, hosted by the Youth Council of Ireland highlighted a number of key deterrents for returning emigrants: poor infrastructure; precarious working conditions; lack of career opportunities and progression; lack of affordable housing; a prohibitive and high cost health system; and for those returning with children, high cost of childcare and difficulty accessing school places. These deterrents need to be met head on.

Sinn Féin has published key policy documents with regards to housing, affordable health care and childcare. In government we would set a cap of €180 per week on childcare costs. My party is committed to the realisation of a world-class health care system, free at the point of delivery. In order to tackle our housing crisis we need a massive social and affordable building programme. These fully costed proposals would be paid for by a fair progressive taxation. "

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