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Joint approach required to oppose Brexit - Kearney

29 January, 2016

Sinn Féin National Chairperson Declan Kearney has said a joint approach from political parties and civic society is required to oppose a British exit from Europe.

Speaking at a Brexit conference organised by Martina Anderson in Belfast, Mr Kearney said; 
"The simple fact is that a Brexit is the opposite to the interests of local people.
"Those of us who recognise the dangers inherent in a Brexit now need to bring increased momentum to our arguments.

Opposition to a Brexit needs to be expanded into widespread and representative common ground.

"Those political parties, social partners and civic stakeholders who are of one mind on this issue across Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England should coalesce and speak with one voice against Brexit.

"A joint civic and political platform opposing Brexit is required.

"Here in the north, local political, business, trade union and other leaders should put a concentrated focus on creating such an alliance to inform public opinion, and begin a positive pro-active campaign highlighting the dangers of Brexit.

"An effectively mobilised body of popular opinion against Brexit particularly in the north of Ireland, Scotland and Wales could have a very decisive influence on the outcome of a British referendum.

"Sinn Fein stands ready to play its part in taking forward this agenda with others in society."

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